Working together


Partners are required to work together with sponsors (local churches and organizations, international teams coming to Thailand and churches around the world), facilitating the help that the sponsors offer and opening up ways for them to get involved.

What are the responsibilities of a Partner?
  • Manage a stock of Thai SourceView Bibles at their location
  • Receive donations for the Bibles being distributed, preparing the finances to be invested in printing more Bibles
  • Communicate regularly with Share Bibles National Coordinators to keep information up-to-date
  • Login to the website admin and change status information for the villages in their area as distribution happens
  • Have 1 or more representatives at Share Bibles National Gatherings (times to be determined at a later date)
  • Use the Share Bibles app for all of the Bible distribution and help sponsors learn to use it (it’s easy)

Do you want to become a partner and see your area get filled with the word of God?

Please contact us through the following form.

  • Telephone Number
  • Preferred Language of communication: (Thai, English, other)
  • Area you would like to be responsible for:
  • Short description of what you or your team have been doing the past few years
  • Additional comments


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